Musandam Pierre Fijalkowski

Pierre Fijalkowski and the Musandam

Musandam is located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula in the territory of the Sultanate of Oman.

It is a huge mountain of limestone that plunges into the waters of the Strait of Hormuz in a multitude of bays.

This scenery spectacular geologic is often referred to as: “The Arabian Fjords”.

Pierre Fijalkowski Musandam
Dauphins Musandam Pierre Fijalkowski kayak voyage

Bathed in turquoise water, the seabed is beautiful. We discover a great diversity of corals, but also humpback dolphins that live there permanently.

Between sea and mountains, it is a veritable fortress, sometimes inaccessible. This is why this territory has long remained isolated from the world.
But it has just opened up to tourism and still retains all of its traditions.

Populated by the tribe of Shihuh, a mountain people who have a great sense of hospitality, it feels good here, in complete safety.

The arid land of Musandam, with scorching summer temperatures, has a nice and sunny climate in winter.
This is the ideal season to come and swim in its 27 ° C waters.

Tribu Shihuh Musandam Pierre Fijalkowski


Pierre Fijalkowski discovered Oman for the first time during the scouting of the Raid Gauloises race, for which he was the technical consultant in sea kayaking.


It wasn’t until 2003 that he got the idea of returning to the Sultanate of Oman to organize kayaking trips. At the beginning, the tour is located near the coast of Muscat.


He discovered another region: Musandam and its fjords where marine mammals live.

The place lends itself perfectly to the practice of sea kayaking and he decides to focus on this territory for his future tours.

The first years his circuits are quite simple. They offer to sleep on the beaches and are content to only kayak.

Tribu Shihuh Musandam Pierre Fijalkowski
Portrait Pierre Fijalkowski

But over the years, Pierre Fijalkowski‘s knowledge grew, allowing him to understand nature and discover unsuspected places: archaeological sites, old villages, places where Eagle ray come to eat…

In order to improve his tours, he built new camps in sometimes-unusual places such as islands.

On the heights overlooking the sea, he has created places where to sleep without distorting nature while offering an incredible view of the sunset.

Experience Voyages Musandam Pierre Fijalkowski
Voyages Musandam Guide Pierre Fijalkowski

But the rough and barren mountain offers little opportunity for hiking.

With the help of Omani friends, he finds ancestral paths led by abandoned mountain villages.

When that was not possible with a team of workers, he dug an path on the stony slopes to reach the summit of Sham 800m high.

He even placed a refrigerator with solar panels on top of this mountain for offer the surprise of a cold beer to hikers

Little by little, his trips getting better and tell a story, that of this incredible place, revealing its hidden beauties.

These trips have become famous and are now selling to agencies in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and even Canada.